Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New House!

It's pretty much official - we've purchased a new home and can't wait to move in!  Pictures from the real estate site are below. Very excited to start decorating again!  Before I get into more details about the new place, as a last farewell to our current place, I FINALLY entered the Small Cool Contest at Apartment Therapy.  I've been meaning to do that for many years, and with the real estate pictures on hand I figured why not now?  Vote for me HERE if you're up for it! 

When my husband and I began our house hunt late last year, we wanted our dream home to be an old bungalow in a great area that was flipped (since we are NOT handy at all). That's exactly what we found.  It's a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, with a finished basement. 

I learned from the real estate agents that a group of four guys did this flip, and carried out the work from Oct. 2010 until it went up for sale in Mar. 2011.  They did an amazing job.  My agent was able to provide me with the original listing from back in Oct. 2010 which had pictures - a great way to show a before and after!  Remember - we didn't do this work - someone else did!  All we have to do now is give this house some love from the outside, move in and decorate.  We are really lucky we found what we were looking for!

BEFORE (pictures from original home listing in Oct. 2010)

AFTER (pictures of the house after flipped and up for sale in Mar. 2011)

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Ziso said...

Hi, Awesome house! such a blank canvas. I did see the pics of your apartment with the old apartment and yes, its lovely and airy with the dining table in front of the tv.