Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spring is here!

Finally the cold dreary weather has passed in Ottawa and beautiful warm days are here! This past weekend I was able to get some beautiful flowers planted and my balcony (a.k.a paradise patio) looks great! I find myself longing for the end of the work day so that I can head home and admire my pretty flowers. Take a look!
Before paradise patio makeover - it was just a boring old balcony...ick:

After the makeover:

There is, however, one thing that interferes with my utter enjoyment of this little paradise I have created...

I've named her "pigeon wench" because she traipses around the paradise patio with her boyfriend doing naughty things and together they make a big mess. Her infernal coo-ing is so loud that it wakes me up almost every morning and I am forced to run out there and shoo her away with a broom. Yes, pigeon wench has turned me into an angry bitter woman. Yesterday I reached my boiling point when I found her fashioning a nest in the corner of the balcony with her boyfriend. I swept the nest off the edge of the balcony and she swooped down and tried to fight me! Today my mission is to find a garden noam or some kind of real life looking owl or other fowl to instill some fear in the wench...I will keep you posted. Grrrr.

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Tiana said...

you, my friend, take the cake (home)
you have a pic of the pigeon!!!!